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27.82% of the population only speak a non-official language at home, a slight 24.03% of respondents reported being able to speak Punjabi, 11.42% Hindi,  Aug 23, 2018 Hindi and Urdu: One Language, Two Languages or Two Dialects? India where Hindi and Urdu are spoken by the majority of the population. May 21, 2019 It's an official language in the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Hindi is spoken across northern and central India and is the official  Sep 16, 2019 With Hindi speakers now providing the muscle power for most southern states, politicians in It will polarise language skills in the population. Nov 27, 2019 Flipkart on Wednesday launched audio-based navigation feature in Hindi and English languages on its app to help first-time e-commerce users  Oct 3, 2018 Among the Tamil-speaking population, the percentage of people preferring Hindi has jumped from 42.8 in 2001 to 59.6 in 2011. On the other  Jul 6, 2018 Among languages that are spoken by over 1 crore people, only Urdu has The data also shows Hindi has added about 10 crore speakers  Jun 29, 2018 In the past decade, the population of Assamese speakers, inclusive of However, the Bangla speaking and Hindi speaking populations have  Hindi Divas (हिन्दी दिवस) is celebrated on 14 September, spoken by 366 million people as the original language. Hindi is one of the official  Since Urdu and Hindi are the same language (except for the script and some loan-words), people falsely perceive Indians and Pakistanis to be the same people.

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Mongabay-Hindi intends to facilitate discussions around the protection of the environment and natural resources among Hindi-speaking people, the vast  On International Mother Language Day, Survival explores the world's tribal Their diminished population is due to the building of a major highway through  The bulk of the world's French-speaking population lives in Africa. Persian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Yiddish, Hindi, Urdu, Khowar, Kalasha and Latin. speak several languages. He was a hero to many, many people, and spoke many languages.

Samoans are a Polynesian group of people who speak the native language Samoan. The Samoan original traditions suggest that the  Australian Aboriginal languages are a unique language group, having no Analysis of the language spoken at home by the population of the Australia in  Hindi is the most widely spoken language in the northern parts of India. The Indian census takes the widest possible definition of "Hindi" as a broad variety of the " Hindi Belt ".

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So, If one is an Indian, that doesn’t mean that s/he needs to know Hindi as well, and vice versa! Bonus Fact: India is the world’s second largest English speaking country, where about 12.5 crore people (which constitute about 10% of Indian population) speak English! References: Wikipedia, BBC, Photo Thanks: Pixabay.

Hindi speaking population

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However, the actual number of English speakers is still quite high in India. In fact due to the sheer size of the India population… Hindi speaking population (comprising the second largest population in West Bengal).

Our Hindi speaking Indian population should not be so entitled and lazy.
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Hindi speaking population

Telugu (6.7%) and Tamil (5.7%) are fourth and fifth-most spoken languages in the country. Citing the 2011 Census, the MHA said, “63,56,059 is the number for Hindi-speaking population and 14,945 is the English- speaking population.” The numbers assume significance in light of the 1. Hindi - 52.83 crore speakers. Hindi is the most spoken language in India.

Men denna schweiziska armékniv var bara för tysktalande. The German-speaking population was  Safe Pregnancy and Birth is the Nepali mobile app to teach basic pregnancy related information in Nepali language to Nepali speaking population and health  i två separata States- Punjabi -speaking Punjab och Hindi -speaking haryana.
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List of Major Hindi Speaking Countries 2018-06-29 · Hindi was the fastest growing language in India at 25.19% adding close to a 100 million speakers between 2001-2011. Kashmiri (22.97%), Gujarat (20.4%), Manipuri (20.07%), and Bengali (16.63%) are the second, third and fourth fastest growing languages, respectively, according to new census data. There are native languages in Hindi spoken states.

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[2] According to 2001 Census , 53.6% of the Indian population declared that they speak Hindi as either their first or second language, in which 41% of them have declared it as their native language or mother tongue. Approximately 422 million Indians (40%) speak Hindi as the first or second language. English and This is a list of languages by the total number of speakers. It is difficult to define what constitutes a language as opposed to a dialect.Some languages, such as Chinese and Arabic, cover several mutually unintelligible varieties and are sometimes considered single languages and sometimes language families. In terms of absolute numbers, Hindi was the most widely spoken Indian language in the US with 8.74 lakh speakers as of July 1, 2018, reflecting a slight increase of 1.3% over the 2017 figures Hindi is one of the widely spoken languages in the World. Around 258 million people in India reportedly speaking the Hindi language, most from north India.

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Out of which :- 422 millions have Hindi as their mother tongue.

Hindi. With over 310 million speakers, it is one of the most widely spoken  Count, number of people speaking given language at home 50% 0% 50% Don' t Do German French 1 Hindi Other Indo-Europe… Portuguese Tagalog 2  Difference Between Tamil and Hindi Tamil vs Hindi India is known for its diversity in its people and its culture. It also has a variety of languages spoken and  Jun 19, 2019 Over 544 million people speak Hindustani, which is the collective name for Hindi and Urdu, two dialects of the same language.